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Whole 30 Diet

Welcome to the 28 Day Paleo Clean Eating Diet!

This paleo meal plan is inspired by the book "It Starts with Food" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and their Whole 30 program. http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules/  The diet consists of 4 weekly deliveries (UPS Shipping is not available) to your doorstep of healthy, Paleo approved meals made fresh in our commercial kitchen in Round Rock, which includes:

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner every day for 28 days

With your paleo meal plan, you will receive a booklet with clear instructions of what to do each day for each meal, with a place to record a journal on each page.  

It includes both oven ready made meals, as well as some meals that are prepared by you on the stove-top or in a crock-pot.

With our Single Plan, each 7 day period you will receive 5 delicious entrees and 5 to 6 delicious sides.

With our Couples Plan, each 7 day period you will receive 8 delicious entrees and 9 to 10 delicous sides.

Each entrée has 3 portions, and these portions will be staggered throughout the week. The entrees and sides have been pre-selected, no substitutions are possible in this 28-day program. Because most items are frozen upon arrival, you should allow 1 full day before starting the plan after your first delivery.

Our 28 Day Plan is Whole 30 Compliant

We are offering as many organic ingredients as possible in our 28 Day Plan to still keep our prices within an affordable range, which is what the Hartwig’s suggest. All our ground beef is local grass finished and the ground pork is local pastured pork. Our bacon is nitrite/nitrate, sugar free and Whole 30 approved.  Please check under each entrée for the exact ingredients.  You can see what you will be eating by clicking on the top tool bar of our home page under “Singles Plan Booklets” or “Couples Plan Booklets”.  We do have white potatoes and green beans in our 28 Day Plan, the Hartwig’s do allow this on the Whole 30 now, see http://whole30.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/ for the reference on this.  We do have Branless Muffins as a breakfast offering on a few days to break up the monotony of breakfast.  Although the Hartwig’s state no bread products are allowed, we feel the ingredients in our muffins are very similar to Lara Bars which they do allow, hence our inclusion of these in the program.  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call 512 244 6496 and ask. 


This is a four week commitment. Do not start this if you have any commitments in the next four weeks that would prevent you from completing the full 28 days. The pricing of this 28 Day Plan is based on completing the 4 week plan, and we truly want you to complete it so you can experience the full benefit of eating this way.  One or two weeks on the program will not provide you with the full benefits that you could experience, as described in the Hartwigs' book.  Your taste buds will change by being off processed foods and you can only truly experience that if you do the whole program. 

Food Allergies:  While every effort is made to ensure that there is no cross contamination, all our Paleo offerings are made in a facility on shared equipment with dairy, wheat, grains, sugar, soy, nut and peanut products.  The Studio Kitchen has over 300 ingredients in our offerings at any given time.  To those with food allergies, please ensure you check each entree for any ingredients you may be allergic to before ordering The 28 Day Diet Plan.



Read what one customer recently wrote to us about her ready made meals experience with our program......

“I've tried multiple home delivery Paleo companies and none compares to the quality, variety, and customer service The Studio Kitchen provides. All of the dishes have been delicious and the easy of eating healthy a no brainier. I hosted a gluten-free dinner party (unknown to my guest) and all the foods were a hit. They were asking for my recipes; thank you Studio Kitchen!”



"I would recommend this plan to anyone.  I am not a cook nor do I like to cook, but healthy eating is a must, so this is the perfect solution for me.  The meals come in a cooler that is of great quality and does keep everything very cold.  The delivery service is very reliable and the store has excellent customer service, they add the personal touch which is very nice.  Once you open the cooler everything is organized and very easy to just unpack and put in the fridge or freezer. The instructions are very clear even for someone like me that "burns water".  The meals come in either Ziploc bags or disposable trays.  Every bag and tray have instructions for storage and preparation. Everything is cut, portioned and ready to put in the oven, the stove or mix in a salad.  Most of the food is delicious.  I did not have a lot of variety in my meals before, so my palate had to adjust to some of the foods, I did not want to substitute because I think variety is important. For example, there is this cabbage meal that the first time I ate it, I was not sure about the flavor, eating that much cabbage and it seemed that I had to cook it forever, you know like 20 minutes as opposed to the 5 minute drive thru. Now is one of my favorite dishes and I gotten the preparation down pat.  I did not care for one of the sides, but I am not sure which one it was, some kind of substitute rice, but no problem because I just ate something else instead as the portions are huge and I always ended up with some leftovers or sharing with my 9 yr old son.  He was not too happy about trying all these new things, but he said he was very proud of me because I was becoming "such a great cook" :)  The price is very reasonable, much less expensive than take-out or drive-thru and of course, much better for your health.  Eating out leaves me feeling drowsy and lacking energy, eating at home meals makes me feel so much better.  The only thing that would make this program perfection would be organic, local, non-GMO meals, but I guess that would probably send the prices to the roof and not affordable to many of us.  However, the quality of the food seems excellent and I have not received anything that I did not think was packaged, cut or prepared with the highest standards.   so I am happy with the current program and I give it 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone looking for home cook meals that are healthy, reasonably priced and hassle-free.  I really appreciate all the work that has gone into putting this program together." Lydia P.



"My name is Daphne. I am an Operations Manager for a virtual call center. Although fortunate enough to work out of my home, my work days often keep me busy 12-15 hours at a stretch. The last thing I want to do after a long day is stare into my refrigerator to identify food to make for dinner. My hope is to see something that will be fast, easy and not require a late night trip to the grocery store. Unfortunately, my choices end up being a slice of pizza, something delicious albeit bad for me like frozen taquitos, or a package of broccoli and cheese sauce that microwaves in 7 minutes. Although not the best nourishment, it gets me through. Other downsides of my grab and go diet - an added 15 pounds, a bad memory, and, helped by my heavy workload, an out of shape body.

But then I found The Studio Kitchen and the 28 Day Paleo Diet. Let me just say 'WOW!'

The Paleo Diet through The Studio Kitchen couldn't be easier. I receive 1 week of food at a time delivered to my front door. Right on top is a bound book with menus for 3 meals a day for 4 weeks. Each item is labeled with instructions on how to cook it. On the day dinner was to be chicken stew in a crock pot, a reminder was listed under breakfast to take out the crockpot.

It is not a 'diet'; however, because you are eating food that is healthier and the pounds just start falling off. I wasn't hungry at all nor did I crave sweets.

No more trips to the store. I now have everything I need to make 3 healthy meals a day with fresh, healthy ingredients. And, if this wasn't reason enough to buy the Paleo package, absolutely incredible changes have taken place in me due to the diet. My extra pounds fell right off with no effort at all. My memory has improved, and even more exciting, I have a neurological condition that started improving out of the blue. It sounds crazy, but it is true. Although I had not heard of the Paleo diet prior to purchasing the package from The Studio Kitchen, I now read everything I can find on the topic. My results are not at all uncommon.

I am so thankful to Laura for creating this option through The Studio Kitchen. I would never have the time to put all these meals together myself, yet I will follow this for life as my health is so dramatically better when choosing this approach to eating."



"I did the 28-day paleo diet menu and lost 12lbs! Studio Kitchen made it super easy with delicious food, instructions, and quick delivery. I didn't feel like I was on a diet. The staff was super nice too when I wanted to make last minute modifications. Excellent customer service.

My clothes are loose, I was sleeping better and I felt great. Nothing can put a price on your health! My only complaint is that they start coming up with new paleo items soon because my family is asking!"  Jo M



"These guys are awesome. I recently adopted the Paleo diet, which at first may sound really isolating and difficult, but Studio Kitchen has made it soooo easy. The food tastes great, its easy to prepare and even people who are not on the Paleo train, still really love the food. The food is very reasonably priced and their delivery is amazing. I will order late Sunday night and get the food Monday afternoon. The customer service is stellar too. They are highly communicative and really receptive to feedback. I also love how they have all ingredients and nutritional values listed for every one of their dishes. It helps so much when trying to eat well. My only "complaint" is that I wish they had more and more dishes. I can't get enough :)"  J M


"I love this place, very friendly customer service and their Paleo 28 day delivery cannot be beaten.  I especially like the crock pot meals, super easy, empty their bag into the crock-pot, leave on before leaving in the morning and a delicious healthy meal is waiting for you at dinner.  

What would make this place super-awesome would be organic meals, but the price would probably be double! Still, these meals are healthy, no preservatives and 100% better than take-out."  Lydia P.




Order the book, "It Starts With Food", on Amazon - click here.



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