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28 Day Paleo Meal Delivery Diet



Click Here to Order - Single


$199 Per Week

(Commitment of $796
4 weeks charged weekly at $199)


Click Here to Order - Couples


$319.00 Per Week  

(Commitment of $1,276
4 weeks charged weekly at $319)



Welcome to the 28 Day Paleo Clean Eating Diet!

This Paleo meal delivery plan is inspired by the book "It Starts with Food" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. The diet consists of four weekly deliveries (UPS shipping is not available) to your doorstep of healthy, Paleo-approved meals that are made fresh in our commercial kitchen in Round Rock. Our prepared meal delivery includes:

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for 28 days.

With your Paleo meal plan, you will receive a booklet that includes clear instructions of what to do each day for each meal, and the booklet includes space to journal on each page.

It includes ready-made oven meals and some meals that are ready to be prepared by you on your stove-top or in a Crock-Pot®.

Each entrée has three portions, and these portions will be staggered throughout the week. The entrees and sides have been pre-selected, no substitutions are possible in this 28-day program. Because most items are frozen upon arrival, you should allow one full day before starting the plan after your first delivery.

We've structured this Plan to be compliant with the book "It Starts With Food."

We offer as many organic ingredients as possible in our 28-Day Plan while keeping our prices within an affordable range, which is what the Hartwigs suggest. All of our ground beef is local-grass finished and the ground pork is locally pastured. Our bacon is nitrite/nitrate- and sugar-free. Please check under each entrée for the exact ingredients.

You can see what you will be eating by clicking the following links: Singles Plan or Couples Plan

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call (512) 244-6496 and ask. 

This specific prepared meal delivery plan is a four-week commitment.
We advise against starting this program if you have any commitments in the next four weeks that would prevent you from completing the full 28 days. The pricing of this 28-Day Plan is based on completing the four-week plan, and we truly want you to complete it so you can experience the full benefit of eating this way. One or two weeks on the program will not provide you with the full benefits that you could experience, as described in the Hartwigs' book. Your taste buds will change once you stop eating processed foods and you can only truly experience that if you do the whole program.
Food Allergies: While every effort is made to ensure that there is no cross contamination, all of our Paleo offerings are made in a facility on equipment that is also used to process dairy, wheat, grains, sugar, soy, nuts, and peanut products. The Studio Kitchen has more than 300 ingredients in our offerings at any given time. To those with food allergies, please ensure you check each entree for any ingredients you may be allergic to before ordering The 28-Day Diet Plan.


Order the book, "It Starts With Food", on Amazon - click here.


Here's what our customers say...


LOVE LOVE LOVE TSK!!! My husband had already been eating clean and Paleo and I was motivated to start this diet to improve my health. I lost 13 pounds and have more energy and sleep better. My 14 year old daughter, inspired by me, did the Whole 30, as well..... She wanted “to get as healthy as possible” before she had a spinal fusion surgery. She wanted to do the Whole 30 plan after hearing her father & I discussing the book & sampling my TSK food! After the Whole 30, she decided this would be a “lifestyle change”...... her one “sweet cheat” request was for the Sweet Potato Brownies! We paid $20 just to have a box delivered to Dell Children’s Hospital! That’s how much she loves them & how much we want to encourage healthy eating & snacking! It’s been 2 months since her surgery & she eats healthier than any kid I know! I could go on & on....... So grateful for you all! TSK is part of her daily diet! This has put her on a journey that I hope will last a lifetime! I wish I had had this when I was a kid!




This plan is far superior than any other pre-made diet meal plan. The amount of food is just right, and I really love the food. After doing this plan, I sleep better and have more energy. I try to follow Paleo 80-90% of the time, but I do TSK's diet plan every January and then buy a la carte the rest of the year. The idea of the green juices was genius.




Before I started the 28 Day Paleo Clean Eating Diet, I ate whatever I wanted. The reason I started this Diet was because I wanted to improve my health and lose between 20 – 30 pounds.  I have lost 20 pounds and have had an incredible increase in energy and well being. The results are so good, I’m staying on it. This Plan is the perfect mix of prepared and ready to prepare. The quality of the food is fantastic, I loved everything and I’m definitely recommending this Plan to others. I am a huge fan of The Studio Kitchen. From the first time I walked in, the entire team has gone out of their way to be sure I was comfortable with the plan, and was set up for success. Great job!