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The staff at The Studio Kitchen

Laura Bezden and her sons through the yearsWe've been around a long time and have seen it all! Meal delivery businesses have kind of exploded in the last few years. Our owner, Laura Bezden, started The Studio Kitchen as an "Easy Meal Prep" business in 2004, the first of its kind in the Austin Area.

The concept took hold and within a year there were 8 competitors. Most of them are gone. Then came the single portion, fully cooked meal business around 5 years ago. Now there is the Meal Kit Business. Dozens and dozens of national brands are cropping up every day!

The reason The Studio Kitchen has survived is because our ready made meals have always offered honest food. Cooked in small batches in our own commercial kitchen in Round Rock, we offer the best value out there coupled with the best service.

Our founder

Erina, Daniel's Mom and young Daniel and Laura BezdenLaura grew up in Nacogdoches where her dad taught voice at SFA University and her mom was a music teacher. The family also owned two restaurants - Rossini’s, a warehouse style Italian restaurant and Annie’s Kitchen, a home style restaurant. While growing up, Laura worked in the family business for several years and then studied music, playing the Oboe.

After studying music at the University of Houston and attending NTSU In Denton and SMU in Dallas, Laura met the love of her life, Daniel, a South African. Laura moved to South Africa and lived there for 13 years while raising her family and running several businesses along with her husband.

The businesses and their boys kept this family busy. Fortunately Daniel’s mom would do all the menu planning and prepare a month’s worth of meals to keep in the freezer so the family ate well.

After moving back to Texas in 2001, they really began to appreciate the time juggle busy parents experience. They missed the convenience they enjoyed in South Africa of being able to quickly heat tasty meals. Thus the concept behind The Studio Kitchen was born.

Having been in the restaurant business, our philosophy is that “people will come the first time because this is a great idea, but it is only the food that will bring them back.” Our food is crafted from high quality ingredients using tested and tasty recipes. Laura and her team are proud to answer the question “What’s for Dinner” with healthy and affordable food options.

Why we started The Studio Kitchen

A couple enjoying cookingThe Studio Kitchen's earliest recipes were hearty, traditional, home cooking recipes. After experiencing her own health problems and researching how nutrition impacts health, Laura became passionate about using food to heal the body.

This passion led us to add heathier options to our traditional entrees. Today we proudly offer meal options that fit today's nutritional preferences for Paleo, Whole30, Ketogenic, and gluten-free foods.

Feedback from our customers led to the introduction of 28-day meal plans to further simplify meal planning for busy households.

Rising obesity is shortening lifespans

The rate of obesity, and along with it the diseases related to obesity, rose by 50% during the 1980s and 1990s. A trend that continues today. Two-thirds of American adults are considered medically overweight or obese1. The news is even worse for children where the rate of obesity is skyrocketing.

The end result is that diabetes and other obesity related diseases are shortening lifespans by 5 - 20 years! It is expected that 30-40% of today's children will become diabetic if we don't reverse the current trend.This may be the first generation of children who are expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

The best way to reduce obesity and extend lifespan is to change the way we eat.

Rising rates of obesity table

Our mission

We know today's families are very busy, which makes managing a healthy, family diet difficult. We're here to make it easier.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, tasty and healthy meal options for busy families, at a reasonable price.

We continue to focus our energy on providing tasty and healthy food that fits today's healthy eating diets including Whole30, Paleo and Ketogenic diets.


The Studio Kitchen Team

Laura Bezden, Founder and CEO of The Studio KitchenLaura Bezden


Laura is responsible for all aspects of menu planning. She uses customer survey results in conjunction with her recipe testing results to create each month’s menu of healthy frozen meals. Quality control for both food production of our pre-made meals and customer service is under her control. 

If you have any unresolved difficulties, suggestions,  or better yet, success stories to report, please e-mail Laura.

Leslie RubbelkeLeslie Rubbelke

Customer Service Manager

Leslie is our customer service specialist. She has been the smiling, friendly face at the front desk for over 14 years. Her customer service is legendary, prompting one client to state on Yelp, "I have to say, I've never had such a pleasant experience going into a business as I did when I went into TSK." Everybody loves Leslie!

She is responsible for all front office administration and for helping customers during daily visits. During our Saturday shifts she is assisted by other staff. e-mail Leslie

Chuck WrightChuck Wright

General Manager

Chuck is responsible for the day to day operation of The Studio Kitchen and has been since 2012. Chuck is a native Texan that was born in the same town, Carthage, as Laura.

One of his many claims to fame is that he bagged groceries as a teenager for Mrs. Nugent, the character played by Shirley Maclaine made infamous in the movie "Bernie."

He competently handles the duties of quality control, product availability, staff cooking schedules, hiring, etc. If you have a suggestion for one of our healthy frozen meals, please contact Chuck. e-mail Chuck

Food being prepared in The Studio Kitchen


1 New England Journal of Medicine