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How do we prepare the meals?

Our ready made meals are prepared fresh in small batches, right here in our kitchen. In this day and age, hardly anybody (many restaurants included), does it this way. Most restaurant food is shipped in from big suppliers and made in huge factories and loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Preparing great ready made meals requires a refined palate. We seduce savory flavors into our healthy frozen meals by using fresh food every day. Our professional staff does the prepping. Our ready made meals do not rely on pre-prepped food from suppliers. We cut our whole meats on the premises. We do not buy pre-cut frozen meats. If our recipe calls for browned onions, they will be browned right here in our own commercial kitchen. We make most of our own sauces from scratch, so our white sauces, meat sauces, and tomato sauces do not come out of a can. Our meat sauce for our lasagne is made with fresh ingredients and simmered on our stoves, just like it is supposed to be. We don't cut corners on producing the desired result. That's why customers rave about our food.