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Customer Success Story about
losing weight

Studio Kitchen has played a huge part in our
successful weight loss. We eat a serving for
dinner every night, and we look and feel better.
My husband has lost over 20 pounds since...
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Customer Success Story about
eating healthier

I've been doing this about 2 years now, and
realized immediately that I'd lost my cravings for
junk food--I think my nutritional needs were finally
being met. The other huge thing is the $$ savings.
I literally don't go to supermarkets any more.  Main
food is from Studio Kitchen, the rest...
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Customer Success Story  about no
longer needing cholesterol medication.

The biggest impact is on our health. [My husband]
no longer needs his cholesterol meds, my jeans
are down to a size 10, daughter reports she has
more energy and her jeans are fitting better.
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