28 Day Paleo Meal Plan Austin: Is The Keto Diet For You?

Posted by Erin Reese on 5th Dec 2015

If you’re in the paleo community or if you’ve been thinking about checking out our 28-day paleo meal plan here in Austin, you may have heard the word Ketosis thrown around a bit. Some say it’s a magical weight-loss formula; others say it’s just their way of life. If you’re wondering about whether the Keto diet is for you, we suggest educating yourself on what ketosis is and if it’s best for your lifestyle.

Essentially, ketosis is a metabolic state where your body relies primarily on fat for its energy. While our bodies can basically run on a few different fuels, our carb-heavy diet here in America relies primarily on glucose as an energy source. However, in Ketosis, your body relies on ketones instead of glucose for fuel. One thing to understand is that while some organs in your body require a certain amount of glucose to function properly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need glucose in your diet. Why? Your body is capable of meeting its own glucose needs and it can do so by (at least partially) using ketone bodies. If you eat a diet very low in carbohydrates and protein (which forces your body to look elsewhere for glucose), your entire metabolism will switch over to using ketones as fuel instead – this is called ketosis.

In addition to weight loss, many people who are on the Keto diet find that they enjoy its appetite suppressing effect, as well as swings in blood sugar so that you don’t get cranky after not eating for a few hours. Check out our menus for a variety of keto-friendly options!