28 Day Paleo Meal Plan: Newbie Paleo Mistakes

Posted by Erin Reese on 25th Dec 2015

Making mistakes with any new diet or lifestyle is easy to do when you’re just beginning - especially with the Paleo diet. The good news is that these mistakes are pretty easy to avoid if you know about them ahead of time. Our 28 day Paleo meal plan is a great way to dive head first into the Paleo lifestyle. Looking to avoid some newbie mistakes along the way? Check out our tips.

  1. Don’t quit after a week! Yes, change is hard, but you must realize that the Paleo diet needs time. After all, it takes time to heal your gut! It takes time to find out how you need to adjust the Paleo template to your life and your needs. While a very strict form of Paleo may not work for everyone - and Paleo itself may not be right for you in the long run - you need to give it time before making a judgement. A week isn’t enough to feel the benefits of any diet!
  2. Stop worrying about being perfect. Paleo isn’t a quick-fix diet, it’s about finding a way to make your lifestyle healthier with changes that stick. While we do recommend being strict for at least 28 days on our Paleo meal plan, and even doing Paleo challenges from time to time to hit the reset button, you must know that trying to be perfect all the time is exhausting and unrealistic.

Remember, with the Paleo diet, it all depends on who you are and what you and your body needs. Pay attention to how you feel!