3 Important Keto Diet Tips to Stay on the Plan and Reach Your Goals

3 Important Keto Diet Tips to Stay on the Plan and Reach Your Goals

26th Oct 2018

Are you wanting to lose those extra pounds with the keto diet? People are losing weight on this diet. A study found obese adults following the keto diet for six months lost an average of 32 pounds and also had lower cholesterol.

Having trouble staying in ketosis and sticking to the diet plan? Check out the three most important keto diet tips to stay on the plan and keep you in ketosis.

1. Be Prepared

The biggest thing you can do to ensure keto diet success is to prepare. You need to know what you should focus on like which healthy fats you should introduce into your diet.

The first two weeks are vital to your success. You are training your body to use fat for energy instead of carbs, so you set the tone for your whole diet.

It's important you change your environment. Get rid of all your non-keto foods to prevent a moment of weakness. Plan your meals accordingly -- this includes breakfast and lunch!

Make sure you have some quick and easy-to-grab keto snacks for those super busy days. This includes nuts, cheese, beef jerky, and kale chips. When you have a strong craving for sugar, eat something fatty like cheese.

2. Track Your Food

We tend to underestimate how much we eat. You may not realize how much you eat, so it's important to change that. Try downloading a calorie tracking app and using a scale.

You'll get an accurate idea of your caloric intake. This will help you lose weight, but you need to be honest with yourself and track every little bite of food you take.

You can then use a keto calculator to see how many grams of fat, protein, calories, and carbs you eat each day. This can also help you plan your meals and snacks accordingly.

3. Concentrate on More Than Food

Sure, the keto diet is all about food, but your body needs more than the right food to be healthy. Regular exercise is important to boost your ketone levels and help you transition into your new lifestyle. It helps your body get rid of any extra glucose.

Exercise also helps eliminate any glycogen storages. Your body will look for other forms of fuel and will then turn fat into energy through ketosis.

You need high and low-intensity exercises such as jogging and walking. It helps balance your blood sugar.

You also need to make sure you drink water throughout the day. It helps your body function and digest properly. You should drink at least half your body weight in ounces and then another 8 oz before you go to bed.

Be sure to get plenty of rest. Concentrate on getting at least seven to eight hours. Poor sleep can increase stress levels.

How to Follow These Keto Diet Tips With Ease

Using these keto diet tips will help you stay on track to lose those pesky extra pounds, but sometimes staying on track gets hard when you are busy. How would you like to have keto-friendly foods delivered to your door? We take the guessing and stress out of meal preparation.

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