3 More Ways Ready-Made Meals Save You (Part 2, From Austin)

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 20th Nov 2014

Recently we discussed that Americans take an average of 33 minutes to prepare and clean up after meals each day, which is valuable family or even individual time that we are losing each day. In this three post series, we examine the time you can have back by simply having The Studio Kitchen’s delicious pre-made meals delivered to your door. In the 33 minutes that you dedicate to meal preparation on an average day, here’s just a few things you can do around Austin.

NOTE: If you find your mind wandering, thinking about our mouth-watering Texas White Chili, we understand. It’s delicious! We won’t be offended if you call us before you finish reading this.

With the 33 minutes you save, you could:

1. Go batty at Congress Bridge in Austin. We love the bats that migrate at the Congress Bridge because the estimated 1.5 million bats eat up to 20,000 pounds of insects and pests each night. Twenty. Thousand. Pounds. One pound of insects is a lot of insects. Twenty thousand pounds of insects is unimaginable. Plus, the sight of the bats leaving the bridge at dusk is pretty awesome. Many kids dream they were Batman. Somewhere along the road to a capitalist adulthood, that dream changes to Bruce Wayne. I imagine the swarms of bats flying off Congress Bridge at dusk, sways some guys back to Batman. That’s the better dream anyway.

2. Row the boat you rented to see the bats over to see the fireworks above Lady Bird Lake. Guys are you listening? This is how you win your girl back after you subjected her to watching 1.5 million bats launch themselves directly over her head for their nightly feeding.

3. Get rid of that spare change that’s holding you down by visiting the Pinballz Arcade in Austin. You won’t have to make this activity up to your girlfriend, guys, as long as you’re more into her than you’re into the games. Some of you fellas may want to proceed with caution here.

This is the best way to give time back to yourself and your family. You don’t have to wait for all three parts of this series to order your delicious ready made meals. Take action now. Call The Studio Kitchen today to set up your account and start having these tasty time-savers delivered directly to you