5 Incredible Reasons to Try the 28 Day Paleo Diet

Posted by Teresa Haines on 23rd Apr 2014

Also known as the caveman diet, the Paliolithic diet has, over the past couple of years caused quite a few ripples through the nutrition and dietary industries. After a number of critics first blasted the diet, based on the all natural foods that comprised the diet of our hunter/gatherer ancestors, nutritionists everywhere have now taken a second look at the paleo diet for its wholesome yet comprehensive dietary plan and a majority of them are liking what they see. We've compiled a a short list of benefits that have been experienced by those who have made the transition to a paleo diet. We believe that you'll be able to experience them also after implementing and following the 28 day Paleo diet

  • Toxin elimination. Eating processed grains and packaged foods simply add to the amount of toxins to our digestive systems which have an adverse effect on almost every system in our body. The repercussions of adding more and more toxins to our bodies can create symptoms that include arthritis, diabetes, skin issues, and even certain types of cancer. Getting back to a natural way of eating allows the body to naturally clean and eliminate those toxins from your body.
  • Weight loss. After eliminating those toxins from your body, the body responds and allows for better fat loss. Because the foods included in the paleo clean eating diet help to make you feel fuller longer, provide more fiber and increase energy better weight loss is experienced with the Paleo diet than with other popular eating plans.
  • Better digestion. Raw foods help to eliminate toxins from the digestive system and basically "scrub" it clean, allowing palio dieters to experience less distress while digesting. These foods also supply the body with the nutrients needed to protect those organs. 
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. The Paleo clean eating diet is comprised of foods that are low on the glycemic index; meaning that they help to keep blood sugar stabilized. Eliminating foods that spike blood sugar is beneficial in reducing the risk of both diabetes and heart disease. 
  • Increased energy and reduction in food allergies and reactions. Because the foods that cause a number of food allergies and reactions are eliminated from the paleo clean eating diet, those adverse symptoms are basically eliminated too. 

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