5 Ways Ready Made Meals Will Save You (Part 1)

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 17th Nov 2014

In a recent post, we uncovered that Americans take an average of 33 minutes to prepare and clean up after meals each day, which is valuable family or even individual time that you are losing each day. In this three post series, you will see the time you get back by simply having The Studio Kitchen’s mouth-watering, ready made meals delivered to your door. We will lead off with several local activities in and around Round Rock that you can enjoy with all the time you’ll save.

NOTE: If you find your mind wandering, craving our tantalizing Smothered Enchiladas, we understand. We won’t be offended if you call us before you finish reading this.

With the 33 minutes you save, you could:

1. Walk the Round Rock (say that three times real fast) downtown, where you will pass impressive buildings, such as the Mercantile buildings, The John Nelson Building, The Palm House Museum, and what used to be a broom factory back in the late 1800’s.

2. Drive to Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium to watch a Longhorns game.

3. Take a boat load of pictures at the Austin City Limits Live Tour.

4. Visit the Governor-Elect Abbott’s future digs at the Governor’s Mansion.

5. Visit the actual Round Rock to read the history and the importance of the cattle drives to the Round Rock community.

This is the best way to give time back to yourself and your family. You don’t have to wait for all three parts of this series to be over to order your delicious pre-made meals. Call The Studio Kitchen today to set up your account and start having these tasty time-savers delivered directly to you.