Better Weight Loss Results with the Paleo Clean Eating Diet

Posted by Teresa Haines on 20th May 2014

Though better overall health and clean eating is the goal of the Paleo Clean Eating Diet, millions have found it to be a great weight to lose unwanted weight. Optimizing this weight loss is possible by avoiding some common mistakes and remembering these few helpful tips. 

  • Remember to eat enough. Cutting too far back on calories can actually slow down your metabolism and inhibit your weight loss efforts.
  • Keep it simple. The 28 Day Paleo Diet leads its followers to enjoy a laid out and simplified diet plan that reduces caloric intake without drastically restricting them allowing for better weight loss.
  • Incorporate movement into your day. Our cavemen ancestors moved - a lot. Make sure that you are getting up and moving your body through during the day allowing for higher calorie burn.
  • Eat your carbs. That extra movement and exercise is going to require energy. Supply your body with plenty of complex carbs through fruits and vegetables to sustain the extra activity. 
  • Recruit a buddy. Any weight loss effort or lifestyle change is made easier when you have someone to engage in it with you. Going it alone is a surefire way to sabotage your own efforts. 

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