Dinner Just Got Easier: Ready Made Meals Delivered To You

Posted by Erin Reese on 27th Sep 2014

Here at the Studio Kitchen, we're totally dedicated to clean and healthy eating. We know the frustrations of trying to figure out what to cook for dinner every night. Those frustrations often lead to choosing the easiest option which is oftentimes either fast food or something just not as healthy for you as a prepared dinner is. Whether you're just a busy person who doesn't have time to prepare dinner every night or maybe someone who just doesn't like cooking, we still believe you should eat as healthy as possible with our ready made meals delivered straight to your door. 

With our food prepared fresh right here in our clean, commercial kitchen, you can rest assured that your food is never frozen while it's in our facility. In today's world, hardly anyone - especially fast food restaurants, prepares their food this way. We do not get our food from large suppliers, nor do we ever prepare our food in large factories or pump it full of preservatives. We take extra time and care to prepare our food locally in Round Rock, Texas where we bring in fresh food daily. All of our sauces and dips are made right here in our kitchen with fresh ingredients. Corners are never cut in preparation and producing the quality that we deliver to our customers.

We have hand-selected menus for all different types of diets. Whether you're looking for gluten free, paleo, or simply traditional style foods, we have it all. Having our prepared meals delivered to you is as easy as choosing what you want from our menus, choosing how you want it delivered (or if you want to just pick it up from our local office), and paying for it.