Eat Great And Gluten Free

Posted by Erin Reese on 31st Oct 2014

If you or a loved one has dietary restrictions and need a gluten-free diet, you might think your options for delicious dining are limited. But if you switch to the Paleo Diet and order paleo prepared meals from us in Austin, you're going to be a lot happier.

First, the Paleolithic Diet is an eating plan based on the ancient diet of our prehistoric ancestors. The lived on a hunter-gatherer diet, which means they ate lots of meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and nuts. In order to adhere to a diet like that these days, you first need to eat foods that are whole, nutrient dense, and unprocessed foods that re nourishing. Also, you need to avoid foods that can harm you by causing systemic inflammation, causing damage to your gut or derailing the body's natural metabolic processes. So no grains, dairy, legumes, artificial ingredients, foods that are highly processed like high fructose corn syrup or alcohol.

You might have read that and thought to yourself, "So what can I eat? Plus, won't food shopping become a nightmare?" Not at all, because we'll do it all for you. On our website, you'll see Paleo approved menu items like delicious bacon wrapped chicken things, crock pot pork green chile, and sweet potato cottage pie, just to name a few. Our menu changes every month, so there's always something new to try. So give us a try, and get ready for a healthier and happier lifestyle.