Fast Food Is So Bad For You! Use Our Home Meal Delivery In Austin Instead

Posted by Erin Reese on 2nd Nov 2014

Here at The Studio Kitchen, we're very passionate about eating healthy and clean. That's why we've made it easier than ever to decide what's for dinner by offering home meal delivery right here in Austin. Most of us know that stopping by the drive-thru for fast food isn't the healthiest choice. It's not a secret that fast food is typically high in fat, sodium, and sugar, and low in fruits, vegetables, and fiber - the things we all need in our diet. However, it's convenient and affordable and that's what draws us in - especially those who just simply don't have time to prepare dinner every night. 

The downside of letting fast food win is that it's just an unbalanced meal and long-term consumption can have negative effects on you physically and emotionally. 

Firstly, the average-sized fast food meal contains entirely too many calories - on average about 827 to be specific. consuming these excess calories puts you at risk for weight gain and weight-related issues that stem from obesity like diabetes. In fact, regularly eating fast food over an extended period of time increases your chances of Type 2 diabetes. 

Secondly, because most fast food meals are high in fat and low or devoid of fruits and vegetables, your blood vessels are hit hard ever time you eat a fast food meal. Fruits and veggies help you balance a high-fat meal which reduce the adverse effects on the blood vessels. Studies have found that within 3- hours after eating a high-fat meal, the blood vessels function abnormally. For a healthy person, this is only minor and temporary. However, if you have coronary disease, this can cause a heart attack or stroke.