Get All Your Vitamins & Minerals With Our 28 Day Paleo Meal Plan

Posted by Erin Reese on 19th Dec 2014

If you're ready to make the switch over to the Paleo diet, but you simply don't have the time, consider The Studio Kitchen's 28 day paleo meal plan. All of our are prepared fresh in small batches right here in our Austin, TX kitchen without any chemicals or preservatives. The Studio Kitchen's 28 day Paleo meal plan meals offer you an easy way to try the Paleo diet for 28 days without even needing to go to the grocery store. Who has time to go to the grocery store, anyway? We know you don't!

A great advantage to our 28 day Paleo meal plans is that you get all of your vitamins and minerals without any extra effort. The Paleo diet suggests eating a rainbow of vegetables to ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. In fact, the different colors of veggies are dependent on the nutrients they contain!

Another great benefit to our 28 day Paleo meal plan meals is that you're easily able to limit your amount of fructose intake because the Paleo diet recognizes that the human body digests fructose differently than other carbs. Skip the banana and have a kiwi instead!

Possibly one of the best benefits to eating a Paleo diet is that you minimize foods that are known to be allergens. People often bash the Paleo diet because it suggests that you cut out whole grains from your diet. However, we believe that for a lot of people, whole grains just aren't the best tool for the job.