Give the Gift of Meal Delivery Services

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 9th Apr 2018

If you are searching for the perfect gift to give to a friend or loved one on a special occasion, you might not have considered giving the gift of meal delivery services. Gifting someone with healthy pre-made meals is easy and incredibly practical, and your recipient will appreciate the thought that you put into the present. At The Studio Kitchen, we gladly offer gift certificates in any amount, allowing you to choose a denomination that suits your budget. Order yours today!

What kind of occasion is suitable for giving the gift of meal delivery services? We are glad you asked! In today’s post, we’ll cover a few events that are perfect for such a present. Check them out below!

Special Occasions

New Baby

Do you know someone who has just had a baby? Finding the time and energy to cook healthy meals can be one of the biggest challenges that new parents face. With meal delivery services from The Studio Kitchen, all of the shopping and prep work is done. Your recipient will love the pre-made meal that is oven- or stovetop-ready, allowing them to eat healthy foods quickly and conveniently.


The time period after graduation can be an exciting one for new grads as they set out on their own for the first time. Some, however, may find it challenging to balance their new set of responsibilities, and that can lead to a lot of poor eating choices. By purchasing a gift certificate for pre-made meals, you can rest assured that your new grad will have everything he or she needs to get a balanced, healthy meal.


Finding the right birthday present can be challenging sometimes, but who doesn’t love a good, home-cooked meal without the fuss of shopping and prep work? Buying the birthday boy or girl a gift certificate for meal delivery services allows your recipient to pick and choose from a wide variety of healthy dishes, and he or she will love the convenience that comes with this unique birthday gift.


Sharing a meal with family is one of the most common ways that we celebrate holidays. Whether you are gathering together to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another holiday, meal delivery services are a wonderful way to save some time in the kitchen. If another family member is hosting this year, why not give him or her a gift certificate to purchase pre-made side dishes or dessert to complement their amazing cuisine?

Just Because

Do you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up? Maybe you know a busy single mom who could use a little help with meal planning, or maybe your sibling has relocated to a new city for work. The hectic pace of everyday life often leaves little time for grocery shopping, planning, and preparing a balanced meal, and there is never a wrong time to gift someone you love with a meal that saves them a little time and effort.

Austin Meal Delivery Services

Are you searching for affordable meal delivery services in Austin so that you can give friends and family the gift of healthy pre-made meals? Look no further than The Studio Kitchen! We offer a rotating inventory of meals that are suitable for a wide variety of dietary needs. Purchase your gift certificate today!