Gluten-Free Made Trouble-Free

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 31st Dec 2014

This is the day for Ethan. He has a gluten sensitivity that requires that he eat gluten-free meals if he wants to feel his best. Besides gastrointestinal issues, Ethan has experienced numbness in his fingers and legs, headaches that make him feel a bit foggy. He tolerated this for several months before he talked to his doctor about chasing it. He tested negative for celiac disease, thus his doctor has narrowed it down to a non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Ethan struggles with everything involved in his gluten sensitivity. First, he’s not a great creator of homemade cuisine. As a bachelor, he’s more inclined to go through the drive-thru than the hassle and time required to shop for, prepare, and cook a meal at home. He knows that his lifestyle has double the ramifications for him with his sensitivity, so he tries to get salads and other easy healthy foods when he can. It’s just not enough though. He knows he needs to make a change to his diet and lifestyle, but where will he find the time when he’s so busy as a middle school teacher and track/cross-country coach?

Last night, a buddy of his invited him over to watch the football game with a couple other friends he knew. Ryan cooked someBacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs on the grill as they enjoyed the game. Ethan was amazed at how delicious they were and asked what other seasoning Ryan added to these incredibly tasty chicken thighs.

“I didn’t make them,” Ryan said with a wry smile, as if he were the cat that just ate the canary, “The Studio Kitchen prepared and delivered them yesterday.”

“These are incredible, and they’re gluten-free,” Ethan said. “Do they have other stuff?”

“Yep, in fact they have an entire gluten-free menu and a 28 day Paleo plan, that’s affordable and beats the heck out of the days I lived in the drive-thru,” Ryan confirmed.

Today is the day for Ethan because he’s made a life changing decision to let The Studio Kitchen deliver homemade gluten-free meals to his home.

Is today your day too? CallThe Studio Kitchen for details.