Gluten-Free Ready Made Meals At Your Door

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 10th Aug 2015

Ever since we opened our doors at The Studio Kitchen, we have been serving Austin and Round Rock with the ready made meals they love. We love taking care of the shopping, food prep, and delivery, so you can take care of everything else in life. One of the ways we do that is preparing fresh frozen meals on our 28 Day Paleo Diet. Do not fret if you feel more like the chef on the Muppets than you feel like Chef Ramsey. We take care of the tricky stuff for you so you can serve a homemade, tasty, and nutritious meal while doing little more than a “heat it and eat it” approach. We will prepare and deliver our delicious meals to your door, whether you want to put yourself in a month long meal plan or just take it a little bit at a time.

We get a lot of questions from our readers about our ready made meals so we like to answer some of those questions in our fresh frozen meals advice column so all of our readers can benefit from the answer. Here’s a question that we received recently.

Dear Fresh Frozen Meals Chefs,

My husband and I are on completely different diets. I am on the “gluten-free diet” and he is on the “whatever he wants to fix if he doesn’t want to be on the gluten-free diet”. He is a good sport, but I know he yearns for bread and pasta from time to time. Do you have a gluten-free meal delivery? If you do, can we order gluten-free meals with regular gluten meals mixed in? It would be nice if he got to eat some of the foods he loves every so often, without us destroying our kitchen preparing two completely separate meals. Please tell me that you can help us meet two different meal plans. Thank you for answering my question,

Ready For Supper In Round Rock

Dear Ready For Supper,

We can definitely help you cut down your prep time as we have gluten-free meals as well as meals that include gluten. We are very sympathetic to different dietary needs. We have an extensive Gluten-Free Menu, but one of our favorites is our delicious Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs - Gluten Free - Paleo Approved. Check them out! You will be glad you did and so will your husband. Also, check out our New Items because we have several gluten-free menu delights available now, based on feedback from our customers. These succulent surprises will dance on your taste buds and keep you on the right track with your gluten needs. For more information on our ready made meals, you can also check out the excerpt at the bottom of this blog, as well. We will post a link to the full article in case you would like to read beyond the short excerpt. We hope this information is helpful. We hope to meet you and your husband soon.

Thank you,

The Studio Kitchen

Ready-made Meals from The Studio Kitchen: Always Fresh, Never from a Box

“Good news. It seems that sales of processed, packaged foods are dropping across the nation. With more sophisticated buyers and increased, albeit forced, transparency within the industry the desire for boxed food items is lessening. “