Home Meal Delivery Lets You Avoid the Heat

Posted by Teresa Haines on 19th Jun 2014

Things are really heating up here in Austin; weather-wise that is. The next ten days are forecasted to hit at least 90 degree temperatures each and every day. Staying cool during this time is going to be the priority for most of us in the region. One way to stay cool that is often advised by experts in the HVAC industry is to avoid cooking. That's right. Avoid cooking. But with a house full of hungry mouths to feed after a long day of summer activities, having to cook a full meal seems somewhat inevitable. At The Studio Kitchen, we understand how you just may want to avoid standing over a hot stove during an Austin summer, which is why a number of our entrees can be fully heated on your outdoor grill.

Because your Studio Kitchen meals come fresh and fully prepared, reheating is all that's required to provide your family a wholesome and delicious meal every day of the week. Our Chicken a la Caraway is a popular entree choice that is delicious when grilled for just 20 to 30 minutes as are some of our other select chicken and pork entree choices. Others simply require short cooking times in the oven and you're done. 

The Studio Kitchen is proud to offer home meal delivery in Austin that allows you and your family the opportunity to spend time together at the family dinner table without the worry, hassle and work of cooking. Slaving over a hot stove is rarely enjoyable in the summer heat of Austin which is why we do what we do. We deliver freshly-prepared meals to your front door on a daily basis or whenever needed. We also cater to special dietary needs and include gluten-free meal delivery in the Round Rock area or if preferred, paleo-prepared meals in Austin. Order online now for stress-free meal delivery.