How Much Do You Know About The Studio Kitchen?

Posted by Teresa Haines on 27th May 2014

At The Studio Kitchen, we are pretty proud of what we do. We normally don't toot our own horn, so to speak, but it is a pretty great feeling knowing that what you do has an effect on so many people's lives. By providing fresh, wholesome and healthy meals to families that otherwise might be running through a fast food drive thru is a great feeling of accomplishment. And because it feels so wonderful to know we help so many families with our services we just wanted to test what you know about The Studio Kitchen and everything we do. So in honor of school letting out for the summer, here's a short quiz about us. Sorry, there is no prize at the end. 

  1. Where do our home delivery services deliver fresh, pre-ordered meals to?
  2. What types of special diet selections do we include in our meal choices?
  3. What meals can you get delivered straight to your home?
  4. How often do we use prepared foods from suppliers?
  5. Who has to be home to receive a Studio Kitchen Delivery?

The Studio Kitchen would like to thank you for helping us to become the top-rated® local home meal delivery in Austin and its surrounding areas. Call our kitchens in Round Rock for more info about our Gluten-Free meal delivery in Round Rock or our 28 Day Paleo Diet choices. 

Now for the answers:

1. We deliver to Austin and its surrounding areas. Check our delivery maps for more information.

2. We offer gluten-free and paleo prepared meals in Austin.

3. You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert and snacks delivered.

4. We never use prepared foods. We assemble our foods from scratch every day.

5. Nobody. We deliver your order in specially-prepared packages that will keep your food safe until you arrive home later in the day.