Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Modern Diet that may Encourage You to Eat Like a Caveman

Posted by Teresa Haines on 16th Jun 2014

Hopefully, the last time you were told that you eat like a Neanderthal you were following the Paleo Clean Eating Diet and not just sloppily masticating. With so many Americans joining the plan to eat like cavemen, the Paleo Diet has raised a lot of questions about the way we eat today. Though our lifestyles, activity levels and diets have changed dramatically in the last million years, one thing remains the same as our hunter-gatherer ancestors. That being our digestive system. The human body remains in its same basic form yet we feed it so very differently, with some pretty dramatic results. The changes to our diet has created some physiological issues and a plethora of problems. 

  • The average life span of modern human has decreased by seven years recently.
  • 65% of American adults are overweight, while 34% suffer from obesity.
  • Once our societies became agricultural in nature, the average height of humans decreased by about 5 inches.
  •  Hunter-gatherers ate as many as 126 different plants. Today 80% of our diet comes from wheat, corn, rice and potatoes.

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