More Paleo Clean Eating Diet Tips

Posted by Teresa Haines on 10th Jun 2014

Expanding on our last article, we've decided to stick with the theme of tips for following the Paleo Clean Eating Diet in order to experience better success and results. Various readers sent some very good tips to us at The Studio Kitchen, that they have tried on their Paleo diet and we thought we would share those tips as what works for some, often works for others. Give the following tips and suggestions a try to boost your success too.

  • Stick to the first month religiously. Commit to the 28 Day Paleo Diet wholeheartedly without trying to justify substitutions or allowances here or there. You're more likely to see dramatic results that will keep you on track.
  • Remember: if it's bagged, boxed or bottled, there's a good chance that its not Paleo approved.
  • Stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store to avoid the processed foods that are not part of the Paleo plan.
  • Don't complicate the issue. Stop questioning what is allowed. Basically, the Paleo Clean Eating Diet comes down to this: meats and eggs; fruits and veggies; nuts and seeds plus some good fats.
  • Don't be thrown off if you aren't feeling fantastic during the first week or two. Allow your body time to adjust as changing the type of food that you give it will cause some disrupt. Don't be surprised by it and don't let this period of withdrawal dissuade you from continuing.
  • Set goals and rewards for yourself. When you've lost a pants size, buy a new pair. When you've walked a certain number of miles, decide you deserve a new pair of shoes for your efforts. Give yourself reasons to stick to your goals.