Mystery Solved: Nutrition Labels

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 20th Mar 2015

Core beliefs of the Paleo Clean Eating Diet include: 1) If it comes in a bag, box, or bottle it’s probably processed, and shouldn’t be in your cupboard; and 2) We should only eat the things that come from the Earth. Along those lines, nutrition labels can be very informative, but they can be deceiving too. Our first blog review entry today reveals how to read those labels, We want you to understand the process from the label to you. If you would like to read beyond these excerpts, simply click on the links below.

What Does That Label Really Mean?”

“We’ve all been tricked by the labels on every food item within the aisles of the grocery store. With labels designs employing every low down dirty tactic that is legally possible, it’s easy to see why we continue to fall for marketing lingo and inflated hype with labels touting “low-cal” “diet” “lite”, “low-fat”, “sugar-free”, “gluten-free”. Its a packaging dream that has created a diet nightmare.”

New FDA Labeling Requirements Just One More Reason to Try the Paleo Diet”

“Once again the Food and Drug Administration has decided that Americans are somehow lacking in information when it comes to making proper dietary choices. In March, the FDA proposed multiple changes to the Nutritional information label that is required on all food packages. These changes are intended to "expand and highlight" the information that Americans need when making food choices but not to tell them what they should be eating.”