New FDA Labeling Requirements Just One More Reason to Try the Paleo Diet

15th Apr 2014

Once again the Food and Drug Administration has decided that Americans are somehow lacking in information when it comes to making proper dietary choices. In March, the FDA proposed multiple changes to the Nutritional information label that is required on all food packages. These changes are intended to "expand and highlight" the information that Americans need when making food choices but not to tell them what they should be eating. With rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity continually rising in this country, even with the addition of nutrition labels, maybe we should be moving away from those foods that are boxed, bagged and bottled and towards a way of eating that is more in tune with our natural bodies. 

Following the Paleo Clean Eating Diet removes the need to follow the advice of a food label. Packaged foods generally use processed flours and are devoid of the nutrients that are found in our natural food sources. The Paleo Clean Eating Diet includes only those foods that our hunter/gatherer ancestors ate, which undoubtedly, never came in a box or a bag. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein, nuts and seeds and healthy oils.

By following a healthy diet and shunning processed and packaged foods, an optimally healthy body is more achievable. For those just starting, it is recommended that you follow the 28 Day Paleo Diet to kick start your new dietary changes. At The Studio Kitchen we make sticking to your new healthy eating regimen easy and convenient with paleo prepared meals. With home meal delivery in Austin and surrounding areas, The Studio Kitchen delivers fresh, wholesome meals that are paleo-approved. Call to place your home meal delivery order now.