Our Ready Made Meals Recipes Are Awesome

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 24th Jan 2015

There are a lot of details to running a kitchen that has traditional menus, paleo frozen meals and gluten-free meal delivery in Round Rock and Austin. At The Studio Kitchen, we love to hear from our customers and prospective customers about those details and menus. One of the ways we do this is through our Frequently Asked Questions forum. Asking us questions gives us an opportunity to know what is on the minds of our public. We appreciate your time and willingness to ask, even though sometimes we have to say “No” or “That’s not what we do.” Not only does it let us know what’s on your mind, but it also gives us things to think about for the future as we move forward, so please, ask whatever is on your mind about our ready made meals. We also like to share some of the questions we get here in our blog.

Q.”Do you give out recipes for your ready made meals?”

A. “We review virtually hundreds of recipes and test at least four recipes for every one that makes it to our menu. This process is a full time job and we have a separate kitchen fully dedicated to this activity. Recipes are one of our most important intellectual properties. Just like a trade mark, patent, business formula or trading policy, it is something that remains guarded and protected. As such, we regret that we cannot give out our recipes.”

Q. “When do your traditional, paleo, and gluten-free menus change?”

A. “Menus change monthly based on the calendar month. For example, the ‘January’ menu will run from January 1-31 and the ‘February’ menu from February 1-28 (or 29 on Leap Years).”

Please keep the excellent questions and customer reviews coming in so we know how best to serve you.