Paleo Diet Mistakes That Can Leave You disappointed

Posted by Teresa Haines on 28th Apr 2014

Though there seems to be a plethora of books, blogs, articles, e-zines and interviews about the Paleo diet, and what it consists of, there are still numerous mistakes being made by those who attempt the 28 day Paleo diet. It seems that people really do have to learn from their own mistakes, regardless of how much advice they received to help them avoid them. But, just in case you are part of the minority and truly follow the suggestions of those who know, we have listed just a few of the common mistakes that are made while following the Paleo Clean Eating Diet

1. Eating too much fruit. Though fruits and vegetables are a staple of the Paleo Clean Eating Diet, choosing fruit over vegetables more often than not, can actually stall your weight loss efforts. Others use fruits as a substitute for the sugar-laden treats that they have given up when they began the diet plan.

2. Avoiding healthy fats. There are many who still maintain that any fat is bad fat and try to completely remove fats from their diet. The fact is, many of our body's symptoms run more efficiently with a healthy dose of certain fats. Our skin, hair and eyes all benefit from fat as do our digestive and immune systems. If weight loss has stalled on your diet, try incorporating healthy oils and fats. 

3. Avoiding carbohydrates. The Paleo Diet is not; repeat NOT, an anti-carbohydrate diet. It simply replaces the nutrient-void simple carbs of processed food and grains for the naturally-occurring, fiber-filled, energy-sustaining carbs found in vegetables and fruits. Do not fall under the belief that you must avoid ALL carbs in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

4. Going nuts for nuts. Many paleo eaters have fallen victim to this error. Nuts are healthy, portable snacks that are both tasty and convenient to eat most anywhere - why wouldn't you indulge? Because they can add up fast on the calorie counter and deliver a good amount of the fat that can hinder your weight loss efforts. 

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