Paleo Prepared Meals Keep You On Track

Posted by Erin Reese on 28th Feb 2015

Our paleo prepared meals keep you on track. We have posted lots of great information about the paleo diet on our site over the last year. They are incredible ready made meals. For our readers’ benefit, we are going to give you a little excerpt from a couple of those informative posts and a link to read the entry in its entirety should you desire.

"Enticingly Delicious Paleo Prepared Meals In Austin"

"This diet is inspired and oriented by the book "It Starts with Food," by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This advantageous diet consists of 4 weekly deliveries to your doorstep. These healthy and approved meals are made fresh in our commercial kitchen in Round Rock. You will receive a pamphlet with transparent instructions of what to do for each day and for each meal. There is a place to record a journaled entry on each page. It includes both oven ready meals, as well as some meals that are prepared by you on the stovetop."

Paleo Diet Meals Delivered to Your Home

Here at The Studio Kitchen there are two things we take very seriously: your health and convenience. By combining the nutritionally balanced paleo diet with the world of home delivery, we look to make living healthy as convenient as possible. Let’s face it, in our busy, busy society finding the time and the energy to not only shop for the healthiest products but to research and plan, then create a menu and cook it can almost be overwhelming. Even to the point of ditching those efforts before you ever get started.