Fast Food Advice: Get Paleo Prepared Meals Instead

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 20th Aug 2015

Dear Ready Made Meals Chef,

I am trying to get my boyfriend off the fast food diet that he has built for himself. He hates to cook so it is important to get him on a diet that involves nutritious ready made meals. It seems as though every meal he eats is at a fast food joint. This is so bad for his heart. I am afraid that he is never going to recover from the damage that he is doing to his cardiovascular system. I have tried to cook for him, but I am afraid that my cooking is not the best in the world. I have a few dishes that I can cook with decent success, but not enough to make a compelling replacement for his favorite fast food chains. We have been kicking around going on a Paleo diet recently, but I know that his affliction for fast food may get in the way of having a truly healthy diet with paleo prepared meals. We are both in our late 20’s. Do you think I am worrying too soon or just being a nag? Any advice, guidance, or help would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you for your help,

Fast Food Widow in Austin

Dear Fast Food Widow,

We have several great alternatives for you and your fast food loving boyfriend. We have Paleo frozen meals and a paleo clean eating diet. You are absolutely right to be concerned now, so it is okay to offer solutions and help him avoid major health problems down the road. The longer people are on a fast food diet, the longer it is to get out of that rut.

The best thing to do is try a few Paleo prepared meals so you know which ones taste great to you. Then, you can take a look at our 28 Day Paleo Diet Plan and immerse yourselves in natural foods. We have a number of tasty meals that are very affordable. In many cases, they are even comparable in price to ordering a combo meal off the fast food menu (minus the expense for heart disease caused by fast food, of course).

Thank you for writing in to our blog. We hope this helps you help your boyfriend enjoy nutritious food even more than fast food.


The Studio Kitchen