​The Pros of Pre-made Meals

Posted by Studio Kitchen on 25th Sep 2015

I grew up in a family full of Italians so microwave dinners and pre portioned entrees were always a foreign concept to me in my youth. Italians don't believe in portion sizes, so neither did I. We lived by the philosophy that if you were overweight, it was because you were happy and well fed. In today’s society, being overweight is constantly looked down on and ridiculed. Skinny is the healthy way to live. If you are used to eating large portions and eating lots of simple carbs, this can be an extremely hard habit to break. The 28 day paleo meal plan can help to reboot your body and get you back on track to living a happy and most importantly healthy lifestyle.

Why Should I purchase Pre-Made Meals?

Having pre-made meals delivered right to your doorstep is convenient in a variety of ways. It helps you to save money, calories, and time. No more trips to the grocery store. No more experimental cooking. No more counting calories. Having pre-made meals delivered saves you preparing time, cooking time, and shopping time. Not to mention the headache of deciding what is for dinner after being exhausted from a long day of work. Having meals ready to go also prevents you from doing mindless snacking when you get home, so you are less likely to make bad meal choices.

The 28 day paleo meal plan will keep you effortlessly full. You will be supplied with all of the meals for an affordable cost and little to no effort. All you have to do is log on to our website www.thestudiokitchen.com, pick the meals that appeal to you, and order. We will deliver the meals by the next business day so that you can get started immediately! Take your weightloss up a notch with healthy, paleo, pre-made meals at your doorstep!