Ready-made Meals from The Studio Kitchen: Always Fresh, Never from a Box

Posted by Teresa Haines on 12th Aug 2014

Good news. It seems that sales of processed, packaged foods are dropping across the nation. With more sophisticated buyers and increased, albeit forced, transparency within the industry the desire for boxed food items is lessening. More and more people are finally returning to the consumption of fresh "real" foods that are simply better for them. The advocates of eating plans such as the Paleo Clean Eating Diet should be partially credited for the switch in our collective mindset towards food as these diets have pushed for more natural eating plans for the last several years. 

ready-made meals delivered

Our philosophy towards food choice and diet runs along the same lines. We look to only provide healthy and nutritionally-sound meals for your family that you can enjoy and feel the confidence of knowing that the ready-made meals that you order from us are fresh and made of quality ingredients. Each and every one of the pre-made meals delivered to your home is checked and double-checked for our strictest quality standards before they ever leave our kitchen. 

We believe that by eating primarily fresh, natural foods, that aren't processed and packaged, we feed our bodies in the way that they crave. We only look to make providing those nutritious meals more feasible on a daily basis. By delivering fresh ready made meals and paleo frozen meals all over the Austin area, we make meal time easy and convenient. Simply start your order online by choosing your favorite entrees, select delivery or pickup and proceed to checkout. For more information please call us at 512-244-6496, we look forward to helping.