Start Your Path to a Healthier You! 28 Day Paleo Diet

Posted by Erin Reese on 27th Mar 2014

You've heard of it; you keep telling yourself to try it. Maybe you think you are too busy, maybe you are just not ready to "give up" your favorite foods. Let us help! With our 28 Day Paleo Clean Eating diet plan, we make sticking to the 4 week program easy and fool proof with delicious meals delivered right to your door weekly!

The Paleo diet has become more and more popular over recent years, with success stories that are sure to make you want to give it a try. Most people express seeing improved energy, sleep and mood, reduced “brain fog”, inflammation and joint pain.

Many people who try our 28 Day Paleo Clean Eating diet end up continuing to eat this way. At first, you may feel worse, depending on how much processed foods, sugars and grains you were eating prior. We encourage you to stick with it, as you will most definitely notice a change for the better after 28 days.

When you commit to our 28 Day Challenge, you will receive a booklet that will help guide you along. You will also receive 5 entrees and 5-6 sides for each 7 day period. Each entrée will have 3 portions, designed to allow you to store your fridge. The booklet will include the full meal plan with exactly what to eat for each meal, along with a journal.

Why wait? Get started on your path to health today!