The Fatuation with Fiber

26th Mar 2014

It used to be that fiber was often referred to in not the nicest of conversations. It seemed that those who were most often concerned about their levels of fiber intake were generally older and those who were somewhat digestively-challenged. It was not really a conversation that most people wanted to have around the dinner table. It turns out though, that adding more fiber into that dinner... and breakfast and lunch too... has a host of health benefits that we should all pay attention to regardless of our age. 

1. As hinted at above, dietary fiber can help relieve intestinal issues like diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

2. For those looking to lose weight, increasing fiber intake to 36 grams a day helps the body to naturally dispel about 180 calories. Fiber supplements also help people to feel more full and satiated through the day. 

3. Daily fiber intake helps reduce the risk of both heart disease and strokes. Just adding 7 grams more into your daily diet can reduce stroke risk by 7 percent while recent studies have found that a high-fiber diet reduces risk of heart disease by 40 percent.

4. Skin health has also shown to show improvements with higher intakes of dietary fiber. Studies show that fiber helps remove yeast and fungus out of the body and not allow it to excrete through the skin causing rashes or other reactions. 

5. Fiber also maintains stable blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of gallstones and kidney stones. 

With an increase in natural fibers through the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables, the Paleo Clean Eating Diet creates a platform for these health benefits to gain foothold. For more information regarding the 28 day Paleo Diet and Paleo prepared meals from the Studio Kitchen is Austin call 512-244-6496.