The Importance of Breakfast on the Paleo Clean Eating Diet

Posted by Teresa Haines on 11th May 2014

We've heard the advice espoused by well-meaning moms for decades: "Eat a good breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day." But how true is this? How important is that first meal of the day? The word "breakfast" is to be taken literally; as with this meal you are truly breaking the fast of the previous night. Which is why it does take on some importance. Though a healthy breakfast is important all the time, it is especially important to those that are trying to lose weight and get fit. 

Because that meal starts your metabolism for the day, its importance to your daily diet is paramount. Without the fuel provided by a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, your metabolism struggles to get going. Without your metabolism churning, no fat or calories are burning, making weight loss a struggle. Waiting until noon or afterwards to eat means your body is idling at a very low level and its fat-burning abilities have been stifled.

Eating breakfast on the Paleo Clean Eating Diet means feeding your body properly with a good dose of proteins and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. The body thrives on these foods early in the day and allows for better fat and calorie burning throughout the day. A good breakfast also increases energy, improves mood and increases brain function. 

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