The Not-So-Sweet Facts About Processed Sugar

Posted by Teresa Haines on 4th Aug 2014

For years we've been letting it happen. We've allowed ourselves to believe that food is fun and that desserts and sweets are rewards. We've turned a blind eye to a major dietary evil, allowing ourselves to believe that the sugar that we added to our coffee, the candy that we snacked on in the afternoon and the soda we enjoyed at dinner (with free refills) didn't all add up to any amount that could be detrimental. Silently, and with much pushing from the processed food companies, we've become a nation of sugar addicts, dependent on the tiny crystal that has slowly destroyed our collective health and added to our waistlines.

 Food Delivery Austin Refined sugar is unfortunately present in everyday foods that aren't actually considered "sweets". Crackers, breads, salad dressings and even tomato sauce are chock full of sugar, adding much more to our daily intake than we would have thought. This proliferation of sugar has led the average American to consume more than 130 pounds of it every year. This added sugar adds approximately 500 calories per day to our daily diet; which is the equivalent to 10 strips of bacon. Sugar has no nutritional value. 

By cutting out processed foods and avoiding sugars, we would be able to avoid diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart failure. We would be able to avoid oral health issues, acne and headaches. And we'd feel better overall by lessening the effects of depression, fatique, nervousness and even violent behavior. 

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