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The Ongoing Debate Over Caloric Intake and Metabolism

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For years and years in this country, it was falsely professed by those that were supposedly experts, that if we simply ate less, we would lose weight. Not only did we find out that that bit of advice was not only untrue, we found it to be harmful to many of us. Extreme dieting, with very low daily caloric intakes, spent more muscle than fat, leading many dieters to drop pounds, but in an unhealthy manner. Many of us found those lost pounds came back quickly - with friends.

As a group, we could all stand to cut some calories. Americans have been seduced by larger and larger portions for years now, yet oddly enough we wonder why we're getting larger and larger. Often, we also forget to look at the type of calories we are taking in. If it were simply about the number of calories, wouldn't one candy bar a day be a better nutritional plan than 4 salads? A good dose of good ol' fashion common sense tells us that that isn't a well-thought out plan. Yet, the war on the lowly calorie continues. 

Beginning a Paleo Clean Eating Diet plan with the 28 Day Clean Eating Diet, allows you to focus on only those calories from natural sources and from foods that have not been processed. The Paleo diet removes the need to count calories as all paleo-approved foods do for us what they did for our ancestors - provide energy and satiating us nutritionally. Cravings for sugar, simple carbs and processed foods are soon dispelled leaving us toxin-free and healthier. 

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