The Paleo Diet Has Never Been Easier: Try Our 28 Day Paleo Meal Plan

Posted by Erin Reese on 9th Dec 2014

Here at The Studio Kitchen, our 28 day Paleo meal plan meals are prepared fresh in small batches right here in our kitchen. In this day and age, hardly anyone does it this way but we firmly believe that preparing ready made, healthy meals without chemicals or preservatives require a little extra time and love. You may not realize it, but all the cells in your body are made up of saturated and unsaturated fats and your body depends on a balance of these two things to correctly send messages in and out.

This is where the Paleo diet comes in. It provides a natural balance of fats because it suggest healthy amounts of both kinds of fats rather than excluding or the other like many diets do. Many people find that shopping for groceries is a task they simply don't have time for and asking someone to go grocery shopping for a whole new diet when they already don't have time is an uphill battle. That's where The Studio Kitchen comes in! We know you don't have time to treat your body the way it needs to be treated and that's why we offer our 28 day Paleo meal plan. You pick what you want us to send you off of our special Paleo menu and we'll ship your meals directly to your door. That means you can start your new Paleo diet without ever going to the grocery store! How easy is that?

Start your Paleo diet today with The Studio Kitchen's 28 day Paleo meal plan meals!