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The Studio Kitchen and the 28 Day Paleo Diet

Posted by Teresa Haines on

With all of the different diet plans available to the American public, there could, understandably, be a certain level of confusion as to just what the 28 Day Paleo Diet consists of. The concept behind this diet is that if we were to revert to the basic nutrition of our ancestors, we would actually be healthier. The characteristics of the plan hit just about every aspect of nutrition, that we, in modern times have moved away from. The intent is move away from the sugar-laden, heavily processed, basically body-toxic foods that we have gravitated towards in modern society, and move back towards the primitive; that is to say, the diet of our paleolithic ancestors. With all of our so-called advancements, it seems we have gotten quite stupid when it comes to food.

We, The Studio Kitchen, understand that the challenges to eating naturally wholesome foods in our modern day world. The requirements and planning that is behind every nutritionally balanced meal can be intimidating. Which is why we have created a home meal delivery system that makes starting and sticking to the 28 day paleo diet convenient. With our system, simply order and your complete plan comes to your home with directions, journals, entrees and support. These meals are not made just available at the local level around Austin but UPS overnight delivery is also available for those outside of the area.

Begin your journey to a cleaner living, breaking free of a toxic diet which promotes disease, saps energy and causes weight gain. Order now, start tomorrow.