Tips for Greater Success on The Paleo Clean Eating Diet

Posted by Teresa Haines on 2nd Jun 2014

Whether you are considering starting the Paleo Clean Eating Diet, have been following it for a few months or have been living it for a year or more, these tips may help you amp up the results you see from the paleo lifestyle. 

  1. Don't do it alone. Whether you are trying the 28 Day Paleo Diet or any other lifestyle change, having a buddy to keep you on track and to share successes with can help motivate you through the tough times. 
  2. Educate yourself. Make sure to avoid pitfalls and frustration by making sure to not make the same mistakes others have and learn what works for you by researching what there is to know.
  3. Be prepared. Don't give yourself excuses of not being able to eat recommended foods by not having the proper equipment and tools. Give yourself the permission to go ahead and equip yourself properly.
  4. Listen to your body. If it's hungry feed it. Don't feel that you need to wait for those three meals a day. Snack on healthy veggies, nuts and fruits at any time your body is telling you that it needs it.
  5. Don't resist temptation - get rid of it. Don't test your will power on a daily basis by keeping those foods around that are your downfall. Donate unopened items to a food bank, toss the rest as it is typically garbage anyway. 
  6. Add spice. Nobody said that your plan has to be bland. Stock up on your favorite spices and seasonings to add variety to a number of different foods.
  7. Make it easy on yourself. Having paleo-prepared meals ready to go at The Studio Kitchen can help you stick to your Paleo Clean Eating Diet by having them delivered to your front door with home meal delivery in Austin and its surrounding areas.