Try The Paleo Diet With Our Risk Free Paleo Clean Eating Diet

Posted by Erin Reese on 14th Jan 2015

The hard part about trying a new diet - especially The Paleo Diet - is the time involved in shopping, preparing and finding good recipes. That’s where The Studio Kitchen comes in. We do it all for you. We provide the convenience just like fast food or supermarket frozen dinners, but the difference is that the food in our Paleo Clean Eating Diet is good for your body and provides you and your family the proper nutrients to sustain yourselves through this minefield we call life.

Is The Paleo Diet right for you? Today we explore that question a bit more.

The premise: The Paleo Diet runs on the same foods our hunter-gather ancestors supposedly ate: fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and nuts. It's important to realize that The Paleo Diet is a lifestyle and not a fad diet. You can't eat strict Paleo foods for a month and then switch back to your normal eating because you won't see the benefits last. Believe us when we say that sticking with Paleo and seeing the results you want to see will make you never want to go back to eating insulin-spiking, gut-irritating junk.

Our Paleo Clean Eating Diet emphasizes eating whole, real food that comes from a reliable source. We believe in organic fruits and veggies and pastured, grass-fed and wild meats, eggs and fish. Simply put, your food should make you healthier and you should feel good eating it!

Start eating healthier and smarter, save money on eating out, and spend more time around your dining table with your family with our Paleo Clean Eating Diet