We'll Handle Your Food Delivery In Austin So You Can Spend Time With Your Family

Posted by Erin Reese on 19th Oct 2014

In 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture released a comprehensive reports about the eating and dining habits of average Americans. There's a great deal of interesting information in that report, but one piece of data that jumped out is that on an average day, Americans spend on average 33 minutes on meal preparation, including clean up time. Think about that for a moment. That's slightly over half an hour, where you're scrambling to get something ready for dinner or scrubbing away on a pot. 

That's just over 30 minutes of time that could be spent differently. You could be laughing with friends. You could be helping your child with homework. You could be snuggling with a loved one. That time is precious and irreplaceable. After a long day at work, instead of spending more time away from the people you care about, make a different choice.

The Studio Kitchen specializes in pre-made meals delivered right to your door. All of our food is made fresh in the kitchen with as few "convenience" ingredients as possible. Our menu changes every month, so there's always something new and interesting to try. There's a number of traditional favorites, gluten-free dishes and if you're on the Paleo Diet, we've got you covered. So why not let us handle dinner tonight? This way you can spend time with the people that matter to you. Check out our website today.