We're Debunking Popular Myths About The Paleo Clean Eating Diet

Posted by Erin Reese on 19th Feb 2015

Our Paleo clean eating diet meal plan is inspired by the book "It Starts with Food" by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig and their Whole 30 program. The diet consists of 4 convenient weekly deliveries to your doorstep of healthy, Paleo approved meals made fresh in our commercial kitchen in Round Rock, TX. Of all the popular diets Paleo seems to have more myths and bad science attached to it than anything else. This is probably because Paleo goes against all of the perceived wisdom about eating and nutrition we’ve been getting for the past 50 years or more. Today we're dispelling some of the more common myths that surround the Paleo lifestyle.

1. You only eat meat. False! Yes animal protein does play an important role but it is vital that you consider the type of meat you eat. If you can opt for the type where the animals have been fed on grass rather than grain. If this isn't an option, substitute some of the meat for more vegetables.

2. You won't get enough calcium. False! Most people believe that the only way to get enough calcium in their diet is through the consumption of dairy products but that just isn't true. For example, a 4 oz serving of kale contains the same amount of calcium that you would find in a cup of milk!

3. You won't be eating any carbs. False! While you will need to drastically cut back the amount of carbs you consume as you won’t be eating grains and potatoes, you will still be able to obtain unrefined carbs through consuming honey and fruit in moderation.