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What Does That Label Really Mean?

Posted by Erin Reese on

We’ve all been tricked by the labels on every food item within the aisles of the grocery store. With labels designs employing every low down dirty tactic that is legally possible, its easy to see why we continue to fall for marketing lingo and inflated hype with labels touting “lo-cal” “diet” “lite”, “low-fat”, “sugar-free”, “gluten-free”. Its a packaging dream that has created a diet nightmare.

Simply put, if the food that you’re considering comes in a box, bag or bottle, its probably better to just leave it on the grocery store shelf. We’ve become a nation obsessed with the convenience and taste of processed foods, even though we know that they are less than healthy for us - regardless of what the label claims. Its not hard to see how much of our daily diet comes in the processed form; simply look at the layout of your local grocery store. Every aisle in the middle is the ever-growing domain of the processed food. Drained of nutrition, saturated with salt and sugar, marketed to the hilt and prettily packaged, processed foods are the bulk of our diet and are helping to increase our waist sizes and our health care bills.

The Paleo Clean Eating Diet is designed to help us break away from the draw of processed foods. Eliminating sugar, grains, dairy and legumes from our daily nutritional intake allows us to eat more like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This ancient nutritional guide gets us back to the clean diet that included meats, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and certain natural oils.

Starting with the 28 Day Paleo Diet will give you a jumpstart into Paleo clean eating and will have you seeing results in your energy levels and even a trimmer waist.