Why You Should Give Paleo a Try

26th Oct 2015

The paleo diet is one of the latest fads to hit the fitness world, but the benefits are undeniable. 

The paleo diet is a diet based on what our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic age, and many people have found their way back to a healthy lifestyle with this diet. However, the paleo diet also takes a lot of time for food prep, which is why it is so difficult for people to stick to. When you rely on the paleo prepared meals in Austin from The Studio Kitchen, you can save time and enjoy the benefits of the paleo diet, which include:

#1. You'll trade processed foods for real foods. 

Processed foods are one of the biggest no-no's on a paleo diet, and with good reason. They are usually full of preservatives, sodium, fat, sugar and other unhealthy additives. Real food not only tastes better, it's also better for you. 

#2. You'll get more of the nutrients your body needs. 

The typical American diet is full of fillers, which are found in many of the processed foods that we consume on a daily basis. Without the fillers, your diet will have a lot more room for vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, which are full of the nutrients you need to be healthy. 

#3. You may lose weight.

Eating a paleo diet is a great start to leading a healthier lifestyle, and if you make sure to include the other part of the puzzle, exercise, you will probably lose some weight. With all of that healthy fat and protein, many people experience muscle growth and weight loss on a paleo diet. 

Learn about more of the benefits of eating a paleo clean eating diet by staying tuned for our next blog.