You Will Love Our Ready Made Meals

Posted by The Studio Kitchen on 4th Jan 2015

Hello Round Rock and Austin,

We have the best ready made meals in Round Rock and Austin. We have diverse selections to appeal to every taste with our traditional, paleo, and gluten-free menus of pre-made meals. Whether you are single or running a house of six, you will love the savory taste of our ready made meals and enjoy the ease of having a dinner pre-made for you by our expert chefs. From time to time, we like to share some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we get from prospective customers. A vast number of our customers absolutely rave about our meals; however, very rarely there’s a situation where a customer doesn’t find the taste to their liking, as illustrated below.

Q."I don’t like an entrée that I ordered and I have extras, can I return it or get my money back?"

A. "Based on many years of receiving surveys, we know that not everyone likes entrees the same way. We may get 100 votes on an entrée with 97 people voting it a “5” and 3 people may voting it a “2”. So we differentiate between “I did not like it” and “there seems to something wrong with an entrée”. For example, we had a case once where we used a different brand of black olives on a small batch of entrees. It turned out that there was a lot of salt in these olives and the entrée ended up way too salty. We replaced or refunded them – based on what customers preferred. We want to make sure you enjoy our food and return for more. If you are not happy with something, please e-mail us with a brief description of what happened and we will do what’s right. As for returning entrees, we can never take anything back that leaves the premises (it would violate health codes), so we either replace or refund as the case may be."

Check out our tasty menus to see how we can save you time that can be spent enjoying your friends and family. We deliver our pre-made meals within the Austin and Round Rock areas.


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