Crockpot Pork Green Chiles - Serves 3 - Gluten Free - Paleo Approved

Crockpot Pork Green Chiles - Serves 3 - Gluten Free - Paleo Approved

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(Serves 3 - Bagged) Love those crock pot meals!  A pork loin roast with onions, poblano peppers, green chilies, diced tomatoes, mild jalapenos, and  spices cook up in your crock pot all day long and is ready when you get home!  Just shred the pork, stir and you have a great supper.  Leftovers are even better!


COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Place pork in crock pot, pour veggies over and around.  Cook on low 6 – 7 or high 4 – 5.  Take out pork, shred with two forks, mix back in pot and portion. Suggested Sides: Kale Salad, Cauliflower Rice Pilaf.


NUTRITIONAL INFO: Servings: 3 | Gluten Free: Yes

Calories: 527.7

Total Carbohydrate: g 11.8 | Dietary Fiber: g 2.5 | Sugars: g 1.5


Protein: 54.9 


Total Fat: g 27.4 | Saturated Fat: g 10.1 | Polyunsaturated Fat: g 2.5 | Monounsaturated Fat: g 11.8

Cholesterol: mg 162.4

Sodium: mg 1696.3

Potassium: mg 911





Pablano Peppers

Pork Loin

Organic Onions

Green Chiles


Organic Diced Tomatoes

Organic Minced Garlic



Black Pepper

Ground Cumin



Organic Free Range Chicken Stock



3 Reviews

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    Crockpot Pork Green Chili

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Apr 2016

    OK - a little to spicy for me. Husband loves spicy food, so he really enjoyed this. We may have left it in the crockpot a little to long because the pork was a little dry.

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    Crock Pot Pork with green chili peppers

    Posted by Betty Hamel on 20th Apr 2016

    easy to prepare and delicious

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    That's some tasty pork

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2015

    I was skeptical because it is just too easy to prepare but it came out very tasty.