Ecological Responsibility

Your #1 Choice for Earth Friendly Meal Delivery

 We hold Earth in our hands

At The Studio Kitchen, our first priority is to deliver great tasting food that also supports a healthy body. We also believe in a healthy planet. In an era where many value convenience over our responsibility to the planet, The Studio Kitchen is committed to protecting the earth and its creatures by reducing our carbon footprint and the amount of waste we produce. We honor these goals from start to finish.

Our food:

  • We source meats from suppliers who pasture feed and ensure healthy, happy, hormone and antibiotic-free animals. Seafood is sustainably wild caught.
  • Produce and other ingredients are purchased from farms, who practice sustainable crop rotation and grow to organic standards, free from hazardous pesticides.
  • We source most items locally with a preference for locally run farms and ranches to support our belief that your food should be grown near home and not contribute to pollution due to far away locations.

Our packaging:

Our food packaging is all fully recyclableCoolers

  1. Our coolers can be returned for reuse. In fact, we prefer that you return them.
  2. They are also fully recyclable in your normal recyling bin.

Gel ice packs are reusable and recyclable

  1. You can return them to us, along with the cooler during your next pickup or delivery.
  2. The gel inside can be removed and added to your garden or potted plants to help the soil retain water better. It will eventually biodegrade.
  3. The plastic and paper portion of the pack can go into your normal recycling bin.

Food packaging

Plastic bags and containers used are BPA-free and recyclable. Foil and paper packaging is fully recyclable.

 Healthy food sources start at the farm