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Q. What days and hours are you open?

          A. Please click here for our hours of operation.


Q. Where are you located?

A. The address is: 2111 Sam Bass Road, Round Rock, TX 78681 Google Maps link


Q. How do you package the food?


A. Our food is fully frozen except for some fresh sides.  Some of the entrees are oven ready and packaged in disposable aluminum containers. Others are delivered in ziplock baggies. These would have different components that you would prepare on a stove top or place in a crock pot.


Q.  What is your serving size?


  1. A.  All of our sides and entrees are 3 adult servings.  Our soups are sold in quarts.  The chicken breast entrees contain 3 x 5 oz chicken breasts.  Generally our 3 portion entrees contain one pound of meat. We are told that our entrée portions are generous, so some families can get more servings out of some entrees. We are family oriented and do not do single servings.


Q.  How do we get your food?


A. You can either pick it up at our storefront on Sam Bass Road in Round Rock, or you can have it delivered.  We deliver daily and the same day if your order comes in before 1pm.  Monday, Wednesday Friday everywhere except south of the river.  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday we deliver to all of the greater Austin area.  Wednesdays we ship any UPS orders that can be delivered road freight that will arrive at the destination the next day.


Q. Why does the name “Rossini’s Inc.” appear on my credit card statement when I purchase from The Studio Kitchen?


        A. Rossini’s Inc. is the corporate name of my family’s previous restaurant businesses in East Texas. When we began The Studio Kitchen, it was much more meaningful to keep this as part of my business name.


Q.  Is your delivery free?


A.  Since you can order as little or as much as you prefer, there could be a nominal delivery fee unless you meet the then current minimum order for free delivery.  Please see our home page Step 2 for the current prices.


Q. Is your food organic?


A. As of May 2016, we buy our beef exclusively from Pine Tree Ranch, please click on the Grass Finished Beef tab at the top of our home page for more info.  Our ground pork is local, pastured from Dyer Dairy in Georgetown.  Our natural, hormone free, injection free chicken is purchased from US Foodservice.  When available and affordable, we get organic produce from various sources.  Otherwise our produce is supplied by US Foodservice, Cawoods Produce, HEB or Sprouts.  Our canned diced tomatoes are Organic San Benito from California.  We do use other organic produce products; please see each entrée for the specific ingredients.


Q.  I thought the Whole 30 Diet had to be all organic, but your 28 Day Program is not, why not?


A.  Dallas and Melissa Hartwig advise in the book “It Starts With Food” which the 28 Day Diet Program is based on, to do as much organic as your budget allows.  Unfortunately, if all of our Paleo offerings  had exclusively organic ingredients, then it would put it out of the price range for most people, and would also not be viable for us as a business model.  We want to have as many people as possible see the benefits of eliminating inflammatory foods from their diet.  Our program is an affordable and convenient means to achieve this, while still getting the benefits of grass finished local beef, local pastured pork and some organic produce.  We often see businesses similar to ours start up that offer all organic ingredients and sadly they don’t stay in business long. We are constantly working on this problem of getting high volume, affordable and local produce, so stay tuned!


Q. Do you give out recipes?


A. We review virtually hundreds of recipes and test at least four recipes for every one that makes it to our menu. Recipes are one of our most important intellectual properties. Just like a trade mark, patent, business formula or trading policy, it is something that remains guarded and protected. As such, we regret that we cannot give out our recipes.


Q. When do your menus change?


A. Our Traditional Menu changes every month.  Our Paleo Menu will frequently have new items, but overall, the products remain the same.



Q. My husband doesn't like mushrooms.  Can they be left out?


A. On some of the stove top entrees and fresh sides, certain ingredients may be left out by you at the time of cooking.  But mostly, all entrees and sides are prepared the same way; the chefs are not able to take special requests when assembling.


Q. When will the new menu appear on the website?

A. We publish the new menu during the last week of the previous month.


Q. Do you offer gift certificates?


A. Yes!  You can purchase online.

Q. Do you offer the caloric count or fat content on menu items?

A. Yes, we offer full nutritional information. Click on the entree name or picture, scroll down, and you will see the Nutritional Information following the Product Description.


Q. When will my delivery order arrive?

A. Given the many orders we deliver each day, we are unable to provide a specific window of time for delivery to your door. However, you do not need to be home when we deliver as the orders are packed in polystyrene coolers and surrounded by frozen gel packs that have proven to keep your food frozen for many hours and food safe for well over 24 hours.


Q. If I want to return my delivery coolers, can you pick them up?

A. We pick up coolers on your next delivery.  You can also drop them off at the Kitchen (2111 Sam Bass Road, Suite 1600).  We reuse and recycle the coolers and gel packs.


Q. Do I need to throw away the gel packs inside?

A. No, please keep them. These food safe gel packs are filled with water and can be re- used. We like to reuse the ones that are in good condition.


Q. How do entrees in a pick up or delivery come packaged?

A. If it is a bagged item, you will receive gallon sized zip lock bags with 3 servings in each. If the item is in a tin, you will receive 3 servings of food in each container.

Q. I want to buy one entrée from you...

  1. A.  There is no minimum order!  Order what you want!

Q. Do I need to bring in a cooler when I pick up an order?

A. When you pick up pre-assembled entrees they are frozen and provided in a paper sack. Unless you have a long trip home, a cooler is not essential.

Q. I don’t like an entrée that I ordered and I have extras, can I return it or get my money back?

A. Based on many years of receiving surveys, we know that everyone has different tastes.  We differentiate between “I did not like it” and “there seems to something wrong with an entrée”. If there was an error made by our chefs in the preparation of an entrée, then we will certainly refund. Unfortunately, since we are a small business, we cannot refund an entrée because you did not like it.  We work very hard to ensure that the majority of people think our food is great (just see our Yelp and Google reviews as well as reviews of individual entrees on our website).  But we have learned from long experience that we cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time in regards to taste preferences. If you are not happy with something, please e-mail us with a brief description of what happened and we will do what’s right. As for returning entrees in order to get refunded, we can never take anything back that leaves the premises (it would violate health codes).

Q. What about food allergies such a peanuts, eggs and so on?

A. As we run a commercial kitchen that carries many ingredients, we cannot emphatically state that we “are peanut free” for example, because there is always the small chance that an item could end up in an entrée. By clicking on each item in our shopping cart, you can see the exact list of every ingredient in that item.  Just understand that this is not a 100% guarantee due to making other entrees in the same facility that might have a food you are allergic to.

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