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Local Grass Finished Beef


Are you looking for organic meal delivery services in Austin? The Studio Kitchen is pleased to partner with Pine Tree Ranch to bring you the highest quality angus beef that has been grass fed and finished since weaning. Pine Tree Ranch has ranches in Cameron, TX and Coushatta, LA, and they share our philosophy that cattle should consistently and efficiently convert basic grass resources to quality beef without the need or use antibiotics or growth-enhancing hormones.

This partnership enables us to offer you this delicious, high-quality beef at very reasonable prices. Most of our ground beef and stew meat menu items include local grass-finished beef, and we are confident you’ll appreciate the delicious quality this difference makes in our premade meals.

Although not certified organic, we are extremely confident in the quality and care that Pine Tree delivers in its grass-fed and finished beef products. This allows us to offer this incredible quality beef at a very low cost to you.

To find out more about Pine Tree Angus Ranch click below:

From The Owner/Operator Of Pine Tree Ranch