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Kale Salad Kit - Whole 30 Approved - V -Serves 3 - Fresh

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(Serves 3 - Fresh) Love this salad and nothing can be healthier!  We chop the Kale into bite size pieces, then you do the final chopping of a whole green apple and some radishes.  Mix it with the lemon juice/olive oil dressing and you get your daily dose of dark green leafy vegetables.  This will become a staple in your household!


NUTRITIONAL INFO: Servings: 3 (Values per single serving.) | Gluten Free: Yes

Calories: 219.2

Total Carbohydrate: g 12.9 | Dietary Fiber: g 4.1 | Sugars: g 2.8

Protein: 3.8

Total Fat: g 18.8 | Saturated Fat: g 2.5 | Polyunsaturated Fat: g 1.9 | Monounsaturated Fat: g 13.3

Cholesterol: mg 0

Sodium: mg 579.6

Potassium: mg 472.6



Organic Kale

Olive Oil

Organic Lemon Juice


Organic Granny Smith Apples

Organic Radishes                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Product Reviews

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  1. OMG! Love!

    Posted by Stephanie Garrett on 8th Nov 2018

    Can't believe I am raving about a salad, but this really opened my eyes. Could it be any more delicious?! Nope. I do not know what is in the dressing, but I would buy a gallon of it. Perfect!

  2. Love this salad!

    Posted by Betty Robertson on 25th Sep 2018

    This salad is one of my favorites. Great flavor, looks tasty.

  3. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2018

    One of my absolute favorites. The dressing is wonderful.

  4. No Thanks

    Posted by Myly on 4th Apr 2018

    I'll admit it didn't taste bad. It didn't have much of a taste at all really. Chewing and swallowing this was difficult for me. Just not for me.

  5. Not a fan

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2018

    Not Great

  6. Good but not great

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jan 2018

    Wish you provided more dressing. When you split it up for three meals, there just is not enough. Love the taste of the dressing, but it jells and separates. Not sure if I am to warm it to get liquid....

  7. Yuck

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2018

    kale is best used to line salad bars, not to eat.

  8. Kale Salad Kit

    Posted by Karen on 4th Jan 2018

    This is better than you may think. The dressing is fresh and lemony. The secret is getting your hands into the bowl and massaging the dressing into the kale leaves as per the instructions. Yummy!

  9. kale

    Posted by RUTH on 8th Dec 2017

    it was very tasty, though a little on the too tart side. I added some balsamic vinegar to it.

  10. Surprisingly good! Extra star b/c I don't usually like kale.

    Posted by Connor on 2nd Dec 2017

    I have always hated kale, but I am committed to giving the 28 Day Paleo plan a try. So I followed directions, including massaging the kale (which I've never done before!). I also added in some fresh ginger, just b/c I had it on hand. The dressing for this salad made the kale not only palatable, but actually good. I loved the tartness of the apple and dressing and the bite of the radish.

  11. Ignore me

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2017

    I just personally don't like Kale so nothing could have changed this

  12. Lovely salad

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Nov 2017

    Really crisp and fresh salad. Only minor downside is the lemon dressing is a bit tart -- but I guess that's what you get with lemons!

  13. Fresh and tasty

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Aug 2017

    Light tangy dressing pairs perfectly with the kale

  14. Kale

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2017

    Wow! I was surprised. This was really good


    Posted by Amanda on 3rd Aug 2017

    Great taste and easy! The 28 day cleanse doesn't have a lot of greens and i am used to more fiber!

  16. Love the green apples with kale

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jul 2017

    I didn't put the radishes in the salad because I am not a radish eater. The green apples were great with the kale.

  17. Kids now love kale

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2017

    It was the most simple yet best salad this family has had. My two pre-teen and teen daughters were so happy while they were eating. No fuss only compliments about the yummy dinner

  18. YUM

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2017

    Love kale salad.

  19. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! <3

    Posted by Melinda Hockey on 5th May 2017

    LOVE IT!!! It's fresh with a light dressing.

  20. Yum!

    Posted by Melissa on 30th Apr 2017

    Fantastic salad! I've had this twice and look forward to it again. The second time I had it, I didn't use the lemon dressing, I used mandarin balsamic and added more radish and apple as well as some mango. Delicious!

  21. Tasty

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2017

    Very good

  22. Love this salad!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2017

    Kale salad is delicious and easy to prepare. A favorite.

  23. Even witb my poor cooking skills, wanted more!

    Posted by Kristina on 5th Mar 2017

    This was the first item I purchased from Studio kitchen. I'm not a great cook so I was a little overwhelmed. The instructions were super helpful and I almost had enough coating - realized I had most of it on my hands :)

    It may not have turned out pretty but it was yummy. It became my standard item and honestly how I gauged other food services. I'd ask myself "does this taste as good as my ugly lemon chicken with capers?" Every frozen and or fresh delivery service I tried afterwards didn't compare. And since I've ordered from Studio Kitchen weekly.

  24. Kale salad

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2017

    This was ok, still a little bland, could use a different dressing

  25. Yum

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Oct 2016

    Delicious salad

  26. Delicious

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2016

    Before this I didn't even like kale

  27. fresh and tasty

    Posted by Val on 19th Jun 2016

    a very simple, yet tasty salad!

  28. Very good.

    Posted by Carol Winter on 31st May 2016

    This was a very nice salad. Would like to see a mix of greens instead of kale only but it may make the whole dish more perishable.

  29. Too lemony

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Apr 2016

    I usually love kale salad, but this one was too puckery for me. It does hold up well.

  30. Kale Salad

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Apr 2016

    I would give it a 4 star; my husband gives it a 3. He just does not like kale. I was surprised that the kale was not bitter and thought the green apple added a bit of zest. We shared our Kale salad with a neighbor and she liked it.

  31. Kale Salad

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2015

    I just love this salad. The dressing is so light and fresh. It's the only way my family will eat kale!

  32. Delicious

    Posted by Leslie on 7th Oct 2015

    My entire family loves this! No bribery involved at all

  33. Light, fresh kale salad

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2015

    Love this lemony kale salad. Even my picky husband who swore he didn't like kale ate a second helping!

  34. Very Lemony

    Posted by Yvette on 26th Jul 2015

    My family was not a strong supporter of the strong Lemony taste, felt it was too much. I really liked it , it was very refreshing salad. I also liked the apple and radishes, they gave some great flavoring.

  35. So refreshing.

    Posted by Carolyn on 25th Jul 2015

    My husband had this at your open house on the 27th and asked me if I had ever had it and of course I said yes! I have done your 28 day Paleo plan for a couple of months and look forward to this salad. The dressing is light and tasty. Thank you for yet another yummy food.

  36. Excellent Kale Salad

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2015

    Love the yummy fresh lemon dressing!

  37. Lemon Vinaigrette

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2014

    Lemon dressing makes this salad great. Goes great with the kale

  38. Kale Salad Kit

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Nov 2014

    Nutritious! Fresh and tasty.

  39. loved!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2014

    I loved this salad. What was so nice as well is that I could mix the whole salad with the dressing and still eat it a day later. The kale really holds up in the dressing. Will definitely order again.

  40. excellent kale salad!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2014

    Love, love the dressing and the cranberries in this salad!

  41. Best way to eat Kale!

    Posted by Eileen on 3rd Jul 2014

    Very tasty! everyone in the family enjoyed this and that just doesn't happen often :-)

  42. If you never had kale, eat this first!

    Posted by Candida on 10th Apr 2013

    I have never had a Kale salad before, so I wanted my first to be from the Studio Kitchen (they can never go wrong)! It was excellent and I enjoy eating it. One bag makes 4-5 salad meals for me. The lemon sauce keeps the apples from turning brown. Perfect combination!

  43. Kale Salad - WOW!

    Posted by Lara on 25th Feb 2013

    This salad is amazing and what makes it is their super secret dressing. I could eat this every day. highly, highly recommend.

  44. Very good Meatballs!

    Posted by Lara on 25th Feb 2013

    These are great meatballs. Most meatballs I would prefer to have with a sauce but these are great without which is rare. Healthy, easy dinner option. Highly recommend.

  45. Yummy

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2013


  46. Delicious

    Posted by Dawn on 5th Feb 2013

    I love this salad, but I have to cut the dressing back due to far content. But otherwise, I'm on my 3rd bag, and I love it:)

  47. Makes eating your greens easy!

    Posted by David Nall on 31st Jan 2013

    The best Kale salad I have had. Love the dressing.

  48. Yum!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2013

    Super yummy and the lemon dressing is so fresh!

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