Our Suppliers

We support the local community

We carefully select our suppliers, some of whom are local, small businesses like us. We've seen the pastures our beef and pork is pastured on, and personally select organic produce from local farms and collectives.

We know that healthy food comes from healthy animals that are raised humanely, and produce grown under organic, earth-friendly methods.

When the goal is producing the healthiest, tastiest meals available, the quality of ingredients is key. So much so, we personally visit to inspect facilities, verify the supplier's claims and meet our partners.

Our expectations from our suppliers are high.

  • Animals must be raised in a healthy and humane fashion, free of hormones and antibiotics.
  • Produce is either Certified Organic or raised under organic standards.

Laura with Augustus Ranch founders and some of their cattle

Here are a few of our primary suppliers

Agustus Ranch Logo

Cattle on Augustus Ranch TexasThe Studio Kitchen is pleased to partner with Augustus Ranch to bring you the highest quality beef that has been grass fed since weaning. Augustus Ranch launched in 1890, not too far from The Studio Kitchen in Gonzalez, Texas. 130 years later, this ranch remains family-owned.

This partnership enables us to offer you this delicious, high-quality beef at very reasonable prices. Most of our ground beef and stew meat menu items include local grass-fed beef, and we are confident you’ll appreciate the delicious quality this difference makes in our pre-made meals.

Although not certified organic, we are extremely confident in the quality and care that Augustus Ranch delivers in its grass-fed, free of antibiotics beef products. Cattle are raised with environmentally responsible fashion with regard for the soil, ensuring quality pastures for future generations. This allows us to offer this incredible quality beef at a very low cost to you.  Visit their website for more information.

Dyer Dairy logo

The Dyer Mercantile, located in Georgetown Texas is home to our pasture-raised pork. This family-owned ranch has been farming for generations.

We are happy to be able to offer support small, local farms in our foods.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Johnson's Family Backyard is as old as The Studio Kitchen! What began in 2004 in East Austin has grown into an 186 acre ranch in Garfield, Texas. Johnson's produce is grown to a certified organic standard.

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